Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pepsi Pick A Prize Promo

Now you can pick a prize for you and a friend!
Just do the following steps/procedures and you are in for a chance to win your chosen PRIZE.

1. Like “Pepsi Pick Your Own Prize Promo” on Facebook.
2. Download the promo picture!
3. Upload the promo picture on the “Pepsi Pick Your Own Prize Promo” fan page wall.
4. Tag a friend to each item on the promo picture. The pic must have 10 friends tagged!

Easy peasy right! The winner will get to choose ONE of the items on the picture! The friend tagged on that chosen item will win the same prize!

Hurry you have until 12 November 2010 only.
Formoreinforyou can visit Pepsi here!

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Dhemz said...

good luck dearest....hubby sent the package yesterday....:)

buti pa jan sa pinas daming raket at events.

Mel_Cole said...

Thank you for the post po. And Thank you rin po for making it to the top 10 EC droppers in my blog. Got you featured in my post.