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Just Another Pixel 2nd Anniversary and 30th Birthday Contest

Michele a.k.a. Mhel or blankpixel is celebrating her 30th Birthday and 2nd Anniversary of her blog Just Another Pixel. And she is celebrating it with a big bang. Over $300 worth of Cash and other prizes are at stake. 
Thirty on 30 Blog Contest - 
The prizes at stake and the mechanics for this contest are the following.
(I just copied and paste it from the original blog post of Mhel )

"Changes in My Life"  Blog-Writing Prizes
  • First Prize: $40.00 Paypal cash
  • Second Prize: $25.00 Paypal cash
  • Third Prize: $15.00 Paypal cash
  • PLUS surprise special award/s

Favorite Sponsor Blog Post Blog Writing Prizes
  • 3 Winners of $10.00 Paypal cash for BEST POST

First Comments Raffle Prizes
  • 3 Winners of $10.00 Paypal cash
BlankPixel Raffle Prizes
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This contest is made possible with the help
of the following generous friends of Mhel.

Primary Sponsors
Secondary Sponsors
General Sponsors
  1. READ CAREFULLY! Read all of the mechanics first, from A to E before filling up the forms. If you have questions, you can post them in the comments section.
  2. You HAVE to fill up THIS FORM to OFFICIALLY be entered into this blog contest.
  3. Make sure you fill up the form completely. Not everything is required, but read carefully.
  4. There's a summary at the bottom of this post with the list of forms that you should fill up to maximize your winning potential in this blog contest. The forms will serve as a guide if you missed anything.
  5. You MUST enter your blog post links for the Blog-Writing contests on the McLinky tool below. There are 2 of them – one for the "Changes in My Life" blog posts, and the other for Fave Sponsor Post.
  6. The blog-writing parts of this contest and the First Comments Raffle are open to EVERYONE, wherever you are.
  7. The Thirty on 30 Raffle is ONLY open to Philippine residents. You can still join if you have loved ones here in the Philippines who can receive your prizes for you.
A. First Things First (Required)
All of these tasks are REQUIRED for you to be officially entered into the blog contest.
1. Post about the blog contest with links to sponsors. (+2 entries to the Thirty on 30 Raffle) Simply copy and paste the codes below for the list of sponsors. As much as possible, write something else on your blog post instead of just copy-pasting the list of sponsors (to prevent Google from seeing your post as spam).
2. Subscribe to my blogs through email. You must verify your subscription. (+2 entries to the Thirty on 30 Raffle)
3. Like my blogs' Facebook Fan Pages: (+2 entries to the Thirty on 30 Raffle)

B. Changes in My Life (Blog-Writing) (Required)
This is the MAIN part of this blog contest as my 30th birthday marks a LOT of major changes in my life. You will read more about them in the coming days as I write about my journey in re-acquainting myself to the old Michelle / Mhel / blankPixels.
For this part of the contest, I want YOU to write about the Changes in YOUR life.
  • Tell us about a change that has happened to YOU personally. What inspired or encouraged you to change? How did that change affect your life and the people around you? It could be getting rid of a bad habit, changing your routines, getting out of a bad relationship, taking a different path in life, crossing over, etc.
  • Lastly, tell us something about yourself that you STILL need to change. What are you doing about it? Why do you need to undergo this change? How could this change affect you, your life and your loved ones?
  • This isn't a beauty pageant. I need REAL / GENUINE stories.
  • We're not perfect so I can't accept posts about you not wanting to change anything about yourself. For sure, there's something, even a very little thing, that you want to change about yourself so you'd be a better person.
  • The changes you should mention should only be about YOU (your personality, your habits, your outlook in life, etc).
  • You don't need to be really specific like name names, dates, places, etc., but please don't be vague either.
  • Your blog entry can be in English or Tagalog/Filipino.
  • There's no criteria for this blog-writing contest. It's not based on writing style. It'll not just be based on whose story is the most inspiring. I will decide who wins at the end of the contest and I may or may not choose to reveal why the winners were chosen. You'd know anyway once you've read them.

C. Favorite Sponsors' Post (Blog-Writing)
This is for the Primary and Secondary Sponsors.
  1. Visit my Primary and Secondary Sponsors (please see list above).
  2. Choose among their blog posts for your most favorite one. It could be something that inspired you, touched you for some reason, or something you find amusing. It could be a VERY old post, or a recent one.
  3. Write about it on your blog and make sure you link to their blog post.
  4. Explain why you found that blog post amusing, amazing, inspiring, etc. In short, tell us why you chose that blog post.
  5. You can write and submit multiple blog entries. BUT, you should cite different sponsor blogs on each entry.
  6. The THREE (3) BEST blog posts will be awarded $10.00 Paypal cash each! (plus a possible surprise award at the end of the contest).
  7. Submit your blog entry through the Fave Sponsor's Post entry form.

D. First Comments Raffle 
You get ONE raffle entry for the First Comments Raffle:
  • For every first comment on my blog posts in October 'til the end of the contest – November 30th.
  • For every first comment on my primary and secondary sponsors' blog posts from October 'til end of contest.
How to Submit Your First Comments Raffle Entries:
  • Fill up the First Comments form with your name/alias, blog URL, email and link to your comment directly OR a valid post where your comment shows up as first.
  • You need to submit the form for EVERY first comment you post.

  • Only SENSIBLE comments will be counted. Any comments that look like spam to me won't be counted.
  • If you feel that the first comment looks spammy, go ahead and post your comment.
  • Try to write at least 2-3 sentences in your comments and be SINCERE.
  • Examples of "spammy" comments:     "Great post!"     "Thanks for sharing this post/story!"     "I love how this post was written!"
  • At the end of the contest, there'll be a raffle where 3 Winners get $10.00 Paypal cash EACH. This raffle is separate from the Thirty on 30 Official Raffle so you have better chances of winning here.

E. Thirty on 30 Official Raffle
Here are the raffle entries that you can get from doing the required tasks for the Thirty on 30 Blog Contest:
  • Post about the blog contest along with the list of sponsors = +2 entries
  • Subscribe to my blogs' email feeds = +2 entries
  • "Like" my blogs' Facebook fan pages = +2 entries
  • "Changes in my Life" blog entry = +2 entries
Now, you can gain EXTRA raffle entries by doing all or ANY of the following. Make sure you fill up THIS form for your additional entries.
  • Follow @blankpixels on Twitter = +1 entry
  • Follow @CertifiedFoodie on Twitter = +1 entry
  • Post the contest badge on your blog's sidebar = +2 entries All you have to do is copy and paste the code below on your sidebar:

  • Like Internet Cafe Blog on Facebook = +1 entry
  • Tweet about this contest / giveaway = +1 entry per tweet, maximum of 5. You can tweet about this giveaway ONCE everyday until the end of the contest. But, you can only get 5 maximum entries for tweeting. You can use the following format:
    Join @blankPixels Thirty on 30 Blog Contest! Over $300 worth of prizes! Visit for mechanics #free #retweet #manila
  • Post about the giveaway on Facebook and tag Just Another Pixel's FB page. = +2 entries You can simply copy and paste the message below.
    Join blankPixels' Thirty on 30 Blog Contest! Over $300 worth of prizes! Visit @Just Another Pixel for the mechanics
  • If you've done EVERYTHING listed from A to all the items listed here on E = +5 entries
Here are the forms again that you should fill up to maximize your winning potential for my Thirty on 30 Blog Contest. You can use them as a guide to see if you missed anything.

Blog Contest Period – October 30 to November 30, 2010 Winners will be announced on the first or second week of December. The raffle draw may be done through OR a manual/old school raffle draw. Whatever Mhel decide to do, she'll make sure it's video recorded.


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