Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Win an IPAD from EYP

Play EYP's latest brain teasing promo where the correct answer to the riddle is only the first stepin your chance of winning an APPLE IPAD!

EYP will give away six (6) 16 gig Apple iPads (WiFi). There will be a total of SIX (6) WEEKLY DRAWS with ONE (1) WINNER per draw.

Promo is open to all Filipino citizens, 18 years old and above residing in the Philippines, including current eyp subscribers, but excluding employees of Directories Philippines Corporation (DPC) and Kestrel IMC Corporation and their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity.

Promo period is from APRIL 15 to JUNE 5.

How to Join:
Sign up on You have to be registered for your raffle entry to be valid.
Click on the LIKE button on the Page on Facebook will post a riddle on the Fan Page. Type the answer to the riddle in the search box of the website. You need to keep checking the Fan Page of on Facebook as there may be MORE THAN ONE riddle posted for that round.

Look for the Business Showcase with the promo BADGE that corresponds to the answer to the riddle. There MAY be several business showcases with BADGES so keep searching.
Each BADGE you find entitles you to ONE (1) RAFFLE ENTRY. The more BADGES you find, the more RAFFLE ENTRIES you have.
Click on the promo Badge. This action will prompt you to login to your Facebook account and install the Whatizzit Promo application. The Whatizzit Promo application posts your entry on Facebook for the weekly draw for a chance to win an Apple iPad. Only posts made via the Whatizzit Promo application will be counted as entries.

Here is the sample of the Promo Badge

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