Monday, November 15, 2010

Pink Go Green Christmas Giveaways

Christmas is really just around the corner. Another proof to that is this giveaway hosted by Pink Go Green.
Christmas Giveaways
Up for grabs are the following prizes.
1st Prize:
$ 15 or Php 600 via paypal
1000 EC credits (Pink Go Green)
3 month space 125 x 125

2nd Prize
$ 10 or Php 400  via paypal
500 EC Credits (Mapeh Homepage)
1 month space 125 x 125

3rd Prize
$ 5 or Php 200  via paypal
300 EC credits (Hymns and Prayers)
1 month space 125 x 125

8 Consolation Prizes
$ 2 or Php 100 (e-load)

This is made possible by the following Sponsors:
Pink Go Green, Mapeh Homepage,
Hymns and Prayers, Slogged Over Leisure, Mapeh Org, Lumad Basakanon,  Babycoy
For Contest Mechanic Click the link below myspace graphic comments

1 comment:

ilovepink1078 said...

Hi, Sis! Thank you so much for dropping by and joining the contest. Keep in touch for updates. Good Luck and God blesss!

subcribe via email upper left side.