Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What I Want For My Birthday

Never in my life (as I can remember) that I celebrate my birthday. It’s my personal choice not to, coz I think it is not necessary. We (my family) have to spend money wisely because we are a big family. Our everyday food expenses, utilities, funds for education, savings for emergency purposes, maintenance for the house, and clothing as well.

I remember I celebrate my 18th birthday on a computer shop, surfing the World Wide Web looking for some information that can help me with my term paper. Not a usual 18th birthday of a girl, who always dream of having the traditional 18 roses. So envious of my friends who had their party, wearing a gown like a princess, dance with their partners, ahhh... wish i experienced it the same way. But that will always be a dream. But I still received some present from my friends and family, gifts that I treasure in my heart. 

There are lots of material things that I wished for when I was a kid that unfortunately I never had. So if ever my Fairy God Mother will grant me a thousand wishes for my birthday, top on my list are the following: 

1.    New House for my Family. I still can’t afford to build a nice house for them right now. 

2.    Laptop. I blog in the office and Internet café. That’s why I have a very limited time to be online. I want to be a full time blogger, and I can also use this to edit pictures for my sideline. ^_~

3.    New Phone. Well, it’s not for me; I don’t have spare money to buy new mobile phone for my parents.

4.    School Supplies. My cousins still need some books, pens and other school supplies, I can’t buy them all right now. 

5.    Baby Stroller for my niece, new refrigerator for my mother, motorbike for my father. 

6.    Cash, to buy things I mentioned above and part for my savings, in case my Fairy God Mama will only give me only one wish.

7.    Make over for me coz I really think I need one. 

8.    A healthy and nice crowning glory, coz every year I lost thousand strands of hair from May to August.

9.    A healthy me, free from any diseases.

10.    Long life. For me to be able to give a comfortable life for my family, especially to my parents. 
And so on….

By the way this is my entry 

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acs said...

Ha ha ha, you're so funny! Well sometimes being honest with ourselves is one way to know where we stand and what to do about it.

andy cacho said...

its natural to wish...its free and its human nature...some stop at that moment...some pursued the wish...some waited things to happen..it will really depend on what is your"being " at the moment you conceieved the wish...it was created in your head...you wrote it here..but have you spoke it?...here's a tip ...just to summarize ur wish,,,say this..."Universe!!! if somebody doesn't want it...give it to me!!!Now..you have just leveled up the wish ehehehhe!

wooden gates said...

lol, funny post, but number 5 you acctually squeezed 3 things into that. lol

Andy you are very correct, wishing has been around since we were Neandertal's i'm sure. But its good to wish and dream or we wouldn't have the things we do today, we'd be still in a forrest, not wishing to have a better life and community for everybody.