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Win up to P150,000.00 with Samsung's bada Developer Challenge

Join the Philippine bada Developer Chanllenge now. Start Creating you own application using the Samsung bada OS for a chance to win up to P150,000.00 in cash!

Now is the time to show our creativity and innovation to the world and help define the new mobile experience with Samsung. Challenge yourself and show them your best! Winners will be rewarded with prizes and application store incentives. 

Contest is open to all amateur or professional application developers nationwide residing in the Philippines. You must be of legal age to join the contest. Employees or agents of Samsung or any of its group companies or their families or households or anyone professionally connected to this Challenge are not eligible to enter. There are 2 segments that a contestant may qualify under:
a) Professional
Any independent or corporate developer who has rendered their programming service for a fee whether for an intended client or sales through unconventional channels (i.e. wap or online stores) should qualify under this segment.
b) Amateur
Only under-graduate student who is currently enrolled in any college or university whether full time or part-time are allowed to join under this segment.
Starting May 24 – August 30, 2010 developers can start submitting their entries to the Samsung Bada Developer’s Challenge. Deadline of entries is on August 30, 2010 11:59PM.
Only registered bada developers are allowed to download the development tools. All those interested to join must become a registered Samsung bada developer. To become a registered Samsung Bada Developer, you should go to . After your registration, you may now download all the tools necessary for the development of Bada applications.
After developing your applications, you must now register online at . Only registered contestants can upload their applications.
Registration is a process to notify your intention to participate in the Challenge. In this process, you are required to agree to the terms and conditions and fill in some basic information.
Submission is a process of uploading your application.
If a Participant enters as representative of a team, he/she will be held solely responsible for conditions of the entry. The Participant understands and agrees that, in order for his/her team to be eligible to participate, all of the members of the team must be registered, thus accepting the Terms. Furthermore, a Participant that is part of a team understands and agrees that if his/her entry is selected to receive a Prize, the representative of the team is responsible for ensuring the funds are appropriately distributed to each member of the team and each member of the team must agree upon the method of payment. Samsung’s liability to pay a Prize is satisfied when it pays the Prize to a team’s representative.
* If a Participant is entering as part of a business entity, corporation, or other legal entity (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Business Entity"), Participant warrants that the appropriate corporate officers, executives, managers or other persons who have the authority to approve Participant's entry into this Challenge have approved the Participant's entry and the Participant understands that these Terms will be binding on both the Participant and his/her Business Entity by virtue of the participant entering on behalf of such Business Entity.
Furthermore, the Participant understands that if the Participant enters without obtaining the appropriate approval, Samsung may, in its sole discretion, disqualify the Participant's entry. Finally, if a Business Entity is selected to receive a Prize, a corporate officer or person entitled to bind the Business Entity will be required to validate that the Participant is entitled to receive the Prize on the behalf of the Business Entity and the corporate officer or person entitled to bind the Business Entity must provide the appropriate information for payment of the Prize.
Contestants must develop an application for Samsung Bada in any or all of the ff. categories:
a) Mates and dates
How do people manage their social (and love) life in the mobile world?
Keywords: Dating, friends, communication
b)      Entertain me
When you are stuck in a meeting, on a bus, or in a waiting room, what kind of an application makes the time pass by? Or simply break up the day and make you smile?
Keywords: Games, puzzles, media, music, film, TV, fun
c)       Freaks and geeks
An active interest in technology is now considered cool. What kind of an application appeals to someone who is obsessed with mobiles and gadgets?
Keywords: Hard-core games, studying, learning, computing, technology, Otaku, advanced utilities
d)      Easy life
We are all now busier than ever, with more work and less time to play. What kind of an application helps us make the most of our spare time and enjoy it more?
Keywords: Shopping, restaurants, location, remote control, fitness, tourism, pets, parents, children
e)      In the workplace
The mobile device is an integral part of our work, even more so than a computer, because the mobile device is always with us. What kind of an application can make us more productive, profitable and perhaps less reliant on the physical office?Keywords: In a meeting, behind the desk, on PC, out of office, news, diary, schedules, etiquette, medical, truckers, musicians
f)       On the road
Wherever we go, our mobile is with us, both at work and at free time. What kind of an application makes our mobile the most valuable piece of equipment that we have when we travel; whether around the corner or across the globe?
Keywords: Productivity, communication, office applications, expenses, email, touring and travel, news, blogs
g)      Older and wiser
Mobiles are not only for the young, or simply for entertainment and fun. People use mobiles to assist them with their studies, hobbies and family matters. What kind of an application can help these people get more from their device?
Keywords: Reference, research, information, collecting, parenting and babies, recreation, art
h)      Down to business
Mobile devices have enormous profit-making potential. Samsung bada is the perfect platform to create new and innovative business models. What kind of an application or service can generate revenue?
Keywords: mobile shop-fronts, subscription, commerce services, billing

To submit your entries to the contest, one must register at . Sumbission and registration to the Philippine bada Developer’s Challenge is completely free.
a. Submitted entries should be originally developed only for Bada platform. Any entry duplicated from an existing application will be disqualified from the contest.
b. Contestant must accept to the terms and conditions of the contest. Otherwise, his entry will not be accepted by the contest as a valid entry.  If Samsung a violation of any of the contest terms and condition, Samsung has the right to disqualify any entry or participant.
c. Entries must not contain any sensitive, obscene and vulgar content. Any applications that violate this
d. A single participant can submit multiple entries in any or all of the categories.
Winners will be determined based on the ff. criteria:
a.  30% Creativity
b.  30% Relevance to the Market
c. 20% Originality
d.  20% Functionality
All entries received within the contest duration will be screened and judged by Samsung’s Technical Team, Samsung Marketing Team and assigned partners. Samsung will shortlist 20 finalists among all entries received. All top 20 entries will be tested rigorously by the Samsung Technical team. Based on the stated criteria of judging and the testing, Samsung will determine the winner of the Samsung Bada Application Development Challenge.
Winners will be determined per segment with following prizes to be won:
A. Professional Segment
(1st Place)
·         Assured 2,000 downloads of the winning entry (each download priced at current market trend)
·         Assured inclusion of the winning entry in marketing collaterals
·         Option to extend contract for the application download purchase
(2nd Place)
·         Assured 1,500 downloads of the winning entry (each download priced at current market trend)
·         Assured inclusion of the winning entry in marketing collaterals
·         Option to extend contract for the application download purchase
B. Amateur Segment
·         PHP 70,000 in cash
(2nd Place)
·         PHP 50,000 in cash
For non-winning entries submitted to the contest, developer will retain the ownership and licensing of the application. However, the contestant gives Samsung the right of first refusal in purchasing their application.
For winners under the Professional segment, developer/ applicant will retain full ownership of their application. Samsung is simply awarding the winner by purchasing a guaranteed amount of downloads using the standard industry rate. You may view full details on the Prize section of this website.]
For winners under the Amateur segment, developer/ applicant will turnover full ownership of their application to Samsung Mobile. They no longer have the license to distribute or sell their application. Any distribution, sales or sharing of the winning application will be subject to legal action.
All winners will be informed via registered mail and through a call from a Samsung representative. They will be formally informed on the procedures of claiming their prizes. Winners will also be announced via website at
All participants should expect a call from Samsung for the validation of their entry before the announcement of the winners.


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