Friday, May 28, 2010

Win a Free Pair of REEBOK

Sole Movement would like to give away a free pair courtesy of Reebok! As you all know, 2010 has been good to ‘bok, with the emergence of Easytone for the ladies, rebirth of Pump (with their 20th last year), the remix on the Kamikaze (see last post) and just a couple of months back, the Zigtech. With only a couple more weeks before we get the energy drink for our feet on our shores, they would like to give you a free pair of Reeboks!

Just tell them why you love Reebok and why you need a new pair! You can even email them proof as to why you need a new pair! So email your answers to  and wait for confirmation if you have won. Entries will be posted on the site. Promo duration is from May 26-June 2.

For more info click here

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