Friday, May 28, 2010

Vote for a cause & get a chance to Win an Apple Ipad!

How does it work?
Simple. All you have to do is choose which cause you would like to help. You can help the cause by voting for it.

What are the different cause you can vote for?
Choose ONE cause. Once you've voted for a cause, you cannot change it anymore so choose wisely.
Education Scholarship - You can help send kids to school and allow underprivileged students immediately create impact for their own communities. Make a difference. Support the HiHo education scholarship program.
Environment Protection - Our planet is our home. Help in the conservation of nature by joining environmentally relevant causes like WWF Philippines.
Humanitarian Services - We cannot look away and pretend we cannot do anything for our countrymen in need. You can help victims of calamities by joining organizations like the Philippine Red Cross.
Food Sufficiency Program - Food sufficiency is key to eradicate hunger in our country. The poor need not be hungry if they can fend for themselves. You can help in advocating sustainable food production solutions by joining groups like GK Bayan-Anihan and allow poor families to turn from dependence to self-sufficiency.
Fight the Effects of Climate Change - We can find solutions to the problems presented by climate change by developing sustainable and disaster-resistant housing for communities in tropical urban settings. You can help in this cause by joining My Shelter Foundation and participate in the creation of the first green and disaster-resistant community in the country.
Why should you vote?
There are two good reasons why you should care enough to vote:
1. The cause that gets the most votes at the end of this campaign will be awarded P100,000 to help fund their efforts.
2. You get a chance to win a brand new Apple Ipad!

Why are we doing this?
It's our way of thanking people who care enough to make our world a better place.

There's absolutely no catch. Just VOTE FOR A CAUSE and get a chance to WIN a brand new Apple Ipad now!
*iPad raffle available to Philippine residents only.

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