Wednesday, February 6, 2008

pinoy money talk, your online resource on money matters, is celebrating its 3rd Year Anniversary on March 2008.< and whew... they are celebrating with a Big Bang! to know more about what am i talking to... click here

Win $75 in ‘Pinoy Money Talk’ SEO contest

The ‘Google my PMT’ $75 SEO contest.If you have a blog, just make any post from February 4 onwards and if that post lands on the top spot of Google’s search results for the phrase pinoy money talk (3 words), then you win $75!

Who can join?

Anyone with a blog who can optimize it so that it becomes the top-ranked search result in

How to start?

On your blog, simply create an article about Pinoy Money Talk, our Countdown to 3 Contest, or just about anything, but optimize it so that it becomes the top Google search result for the keywords “pinoy money talk“.

Of course, the article must contain at least one link back to our site ( or to any page on the domain.

There is NO limit on the number of articles you may make and submit but only articles posted on or after February 4, 2008 are valid.

Again, the keyword is “pinoy money talk” (3 words, all in lower case, no quotes).

How to submit a valid entry?

The winner will come only from valid entries we know. So submit your entry using either of these two ways:

a. Post a comment below mentioning the URL of your entry;

b. Link to this article or to the Countdown to 3 Contest article and if we see a trackback, that makes it a valid entry.

How to win?

If your blog article ranks the highest on the search results of on March 14, 9 p.m, you win! (Of course, is excluded from this contest.)

We will regularly post updates on the leading sites. The winner will be announced on March 14 using a screenshot of the official search results.

What are the prizes?

The grand prize is $75 to be sent via

Paypal or P3,000 to be deposited to your local bank account. We might throw in other freebies and prizes to the contestants so just watch out for it.

Ready? Then optimize your blog now for the keywords pinoy money talk!

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