Saturday, July 3, 2010

Win an Android Phone from Jehzlau-Concepts

Wow, I want that phone, I have plans of switching from Symbian to Android (according to my techie friends, Android is better than symbian) since last year but hesitant to buy a new phone because its not my priority, at least for now. I'm a breadwinner and being so, I have to prioritize spending my money to more important things rather than buying the comforts of life beyond what is necessary. So, finding other ways to satisfy my wants is my online business, just like joining in contest where you'll have a chance, if God permits, bring home those on my wish list, haha!

And now one lucky qualified blogger has a chance to win this cool Android Phone from Jehzlau-Concepts. To know more about the mechanics of this contest, click here!

"And to the question why do I deserve that phone? " Everybody deserves it, I deserves it more, I'm really having a hard time checking how is everybody at home because they don't have cellphone there. We live far from the city, and having two phones will be a big Big help, they will have my old phone and Android will be mine. And of course, I want to experience creating my own apps through that phone, I believe Android phones is way better than Symbian in creating applications. No limitation and no restrictions. I love it!


Semidoppel said...

Good luck sa atin! May the best entry wins!

jehzlau said...

Woooooot! Thanks for joining, pero disqualified pala to. Di nasunod mechanic number 6 ^__^

zh3en22 said...

aww... ok